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Every week a new web startup launches, and I usually hear about it via the TechCrunch website. Doing a task or creating a tool that does something better than what is currently available is essentially the building block of progress. However, it interests me to see those web startups that simply put a new spin on an existing product, and draw in the crowds at the same time.

Yammer is an excellent example of the point above. Designed to be an in-house company message tool, it takes a new spin on the Twitter model, and excels at it. Yammer recently won first place at the TechCrunch50 awards, allowing users to share status updates with co-workers. A simple concept, and a killer clone (so to speak).

What is even more exciting to me, are the killer apps that do not attempt to clone an existing product and put a new spin on it. Instead the makers identify a current gap and need for innovation, and go about creating a product that is the first in its field or domain. The reality is though that these products soon become ‘cloned’, as other people attempt to put their own spin on it, to solve a problem or capture some of the market.

That is business. And that is progress. Each to his own.

At Enzyme IT we are currently researching ways to put a fresh spin on what at first glance would seem like a saturated online marketplace in a specific domain. We’ll of course be using Python/Django as our platform for building this application, and I’m looking forward to posting further information here when the timing is appropriate.