I am an Internet entrepreneur currently living in Taipei, Taiwan working on my 4th startup, The Manx Entertainment Group – a team of talented game designers and programmers committed to building rich interactivity, easy accessibility, and fairness into its full suite of social casino games. Our first product release is called Lucky Lane, a social casino app for iOS and Android – http://www.lucky-lane.com

When not working I can be found surfing waves around the globe, reading, conceptualising new applications, writing in this blog and keeping abreast of developments within the Internet industry.


  1. 1 在台灣談網路創業 | LabIn.cc Blog

    […] Scott Lambert近日發表了篇對在台網路創業的一些看法,也提到了appWorks。就優勢的方面來看,外國人似乎認為台灣經濟很好(但似乎大部份台灣人都無感於此)。 Taiwan’s economy is stable and thriving. It’s foreign reserves are the fourth largest in the world. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2010/2011 lists Taiwan as the 13th most competitive country in the world. My own country, Australia, is ranked 16th, whilst China is 27th. […]

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