This is the beginning

Today is July 2nd. It’s a Saturday. I haven’t written a blog post in more than two years. I know you’ve missed me. So, why the long hiatus? Well, I’ve been busy. But that’s not the only reason. I expect the main culprit in my absence from this blog has been my lack of ability to write thoughtful, extended posts which engage a reader and make him/her think long after the browser tab has been closed.

It’s 2011, which means I’m 27 years old. It being 2011 also means that I left high school 9 years ago. When I was in high school I was a different man. I could write 3000 word essays on modern history, english literature or sports nutrition at the drop of a hat. I could focus for extended periods on subjects such as biochemistry, or algebra, and remember almost all of what I was reading. I wrote till my middle finger displayed an indentation from my favourite pen – a BIC ballpoint.

What the hell happened to me?

I finished high school. I dabbled in sports nutrition and natural medicine at university, all the while the indentation on my middle finger stayed with me, a proud sign of my ability to concentrate and write long, meaningful paragraphs of text. But then something happened. Something strange. I shifted my focus back to my teenage passion of computers and technology. My ability to multi-task began to gain more relevance than my ability to write and focus. My emails became shorter. My posts on social networks shorter still. I sit here writing this blog post with 18 browser tabs open! 18! As I look back through my browser history for yesterday, I can see that between 8:45am and 8:55am I used 20 browser tabs! That’s 20 tabs in 10 minutes! (Pardon my excessive use of exclamation marks, but you can get a sense of my confusion and bewilderment here, can you not?)

The title of this post reads, “This is the beginning”. What I mean to say is, this is the beginning of a revival, a rebirth of my former self. I will write, and I will focus. My posts, emails, letters (letters?) will be thoughtful, extended yet concise, and they will engage the reader. Argue if you will, that our ability to multi-task is just a natural progression for humans as computers become more engrained in our everyday lives. I’m not buying it. Multi-tasking is simple when compared with focusing on one task for an extended duration. I want the indentation on my middle finger back!


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