My Yahoo prediction

The media coverage surrounding the status and fate of Yahoo over the course of the past few months has been grim. With Microsoft pulling out of the proposed take-over, Google pulling out of the search collaboration deal, its plummeting stock price, Jerry Yang’s departure….. the list goes on. All is important and relevant news, however it’s just the surface layer.

The media has been too quick to dismiss Yahoo as a company that lacks the vision and drive to suceed in the online search marketplace. I beg to differ.

Yahoo is a company which has dominated the online search marketplace for an extended period of time. Sure, Google now ranks #1 in most areas of the world as a search engine, and I’ll agree that my FireFox homepage is set to However, Yahoo is a company that will not go down without a fight. It’s search for a new CEO is in progress, and I expect that once the decision has been made on who will lead them into battle, they will return to the marketplace as a stronger, more focused and driven bunch of people.

Don’t forget as well, that the longer a company stays at the top (such as Google now in the search space, and Microsoft is/was in the OS and software space) the more opportunity there is for discontent to grow among users, and the strength of possible new leaders to take the helm to increase.

I predict that 2010 will see Yahoo come back into the public eye in a positive light, and commence it’s transition to becoming (yet again) a dominant brand in the web space. I’ve placed my bet. There is something exciting about backing the under dog!

Time will tell.


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